Can you make online bets on wrestling matches?

Not everybody realizes that you are able to bet on the outcome of wrestling matches. Most people realise that the big franchises like WWE are pre-scripted and known as sports entertainment instead of live professional sport. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t bet on it.

Let’s take a look through some hints and tricks to betting on wrestling to get you started.

Fake Or Real

The fact that most wrestling has predetermined outcomes doesn’t make picking winners any easier or harder. But you should think slightly differently on how you bet compared to other sports such as football or basketball.

A great little tip is to try and think of it from a writer’s point of view. If you were scripting the fight between two wrestlers, how would you script it and see it play out. Because it is scripted things like form and stats should make less of an impact with your decisions.

Following the wrestler’s story can be key to choosing the right bets to make, as you can make better decisions knowing what has been evolving around that wrestler character.

For example if you know that they have a rival that they are often fighting, knowing what happened in previous fights with this character and the lead up to the match can help you make better choices in deciding who you believe is more likely to win.

Where To Make Your Bet

Although not all bookmakers offer betting on wrestling matches, more and more are starting to offer these types of bets.

If you are not sure where to start looking to find where you’re able to make your bets, do a search on google, or your favourite search engine for online casinos offering wrestling bets.

Another idea would be to look on the wrestling forums and make a post to other fans asking where they place their bets.

What Type Of Bets

The great thing with betting online now is that you would normally find so many varied types of bets you can place.

No longer do you need to only bet on the outcome of a fight but you should be able to find some more obscure bets as well.

Other great types of bets include the next royal rumble winner or the next world champion. Just don’t forget as most wrestling is pre scripted its best to really follow the sport and know and understand what’s been happening recently in the story lines to be able to choose your bets wisely.

Free Bets

Lots of online bookmakers offer great bonus deals for signing up and using their services. Many can include free bets or double your stake bets.

Before committing to anyone online betting website, do a little research first and scout out which websites are currently offering the best bonus deals.

The bonus deals can change regularly so won’t always stay the same, so keep checking other sites all the time to grab yourself a great bonus deal.

Bet Small Or Bet Big?

Like with all sports gambling you should always set yourselves limits of what you are happy to lose and stick with that amount.

If you are an avid wrestling fan and follow the sport closely, then you may feel more confident betting larger amounts, but still only bet what you’re comfortable with.

If you are new to the world of wrestling then the best advice would be to start betting with small amounts of money. As you start to understand the sport more and follow the storylines you should start to grasp a better understanding and so can start to gamble a little more.

With all gambling the key is knowing when to stop and walk away. If you are on a bad run of form and keep losing, do not try and chase your losses. This will only dig you deeper into a hole. It’s time to walk away and play another day.

The same can be said for when you’re on a winning streak as good luck doesn’t last forever. If you are winning and pleased with the amount of money earnt from gambling, it’s time to walk away. It is better to walk away while you are up than to keep betting and eventually being down.

Sensible betting is important when gambling on wrestling, remember it should be about having fun not chasing your riches.

Do Your History

As previously mentioned, knowing characters’ back stories and previous fights in their career can help with your betting choices.

As their characters normally have a lot of outside the rings stories as much as in fight stories it’s important to know both sides, to fully understand whats going on with that characters storyline.

Knowing that maybe they are having a big, outside of the ring story going on, could help you predict what will happen in their next fight. Fans who follow all the ins and outs of the characters will have a lot more success with betting on wrestling compared to someone who rarely watches it.

Which Wrestling Brand To Choose?

Although WWE is one of the biggest brands in wrestling there are other franchises you can find to bet on such as AEW, ROH and Impact Wrestling.

As some of the other franchises are not as big as WWE it may be harder to find online casinos that offer bets on their fights. So you may need to do some looking online to try and find somewhere that offers these bets.


Online casinos and bookmakers now offer you the chance to gamble on pretty much every sport there is across the globe. So betting on wrestling is no different.

You should approach betting on wrestling like every other sport, as even though it is scripted we still don’t know the outcome of any fights. So doing research to aid your bet choices are important and so is luck.

Remember to always stop betting when the fun stops. Best of luck!




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