Can a big wrestling event work in Las Vegas how a mega-boxing match does?

Boxing has been able to carve out a niche for itself in Las Vegas since quite a long time now, with marquee fights being staged in front of thousands of people in Sin City. These boxing fights have become a part of the culture of Vegas, blending in with the lights, sounds and casinos to be a part of the Vegas experience. However, this begs the question as to whether it is only boxing that can have this place in Vegas’ culture, or can other sports also be staged to a similar level in the desert city?

It is a misconception that boxing is the only big-ticket sport that takes place in Vegas. Wrestling has a lot of fans in the city, and there are several events taking place for wrestling fans in Vegas at any given point. Thus, the ability of the city to be able to host a big wrestling event is not in question, as there is enough demand for the sport and there are also many venues that have the capacity to host the thousands of fans that a wrestling event would draw. It is absolutely tied-in with the allure of Las Vegas, with the gambling and casinos serving as a natural complement to the all-action nature of the sport. Fans can even bet online on these matches while they are there, and use the various sign-up benefits that online sportsbooks offer, like the paddy power sign up bonus, to be able to wager on the outcomes of these wrestling events, even though they are not strictly sports but fall into the sports entertainment category.

When talking about wrestling, we must start with the big one, WWE. Over the years, WWE has hosted many events in Vegas, be it pay-per-view events or their regular television broadcasts. WWE has a long history and affinity with the city, with the glitz and glamour of Vegas tying nicely with the wrestling entertainment brand’s own image, and so it has never shied away from hosting events in Vegas. In fact, the first WrestleMania ever held outdoors was in Vegas, with WrestleMania IX being hosted at the Caesars Palace all the way back in 1993. WWE is reportedly also considering returning with the WrestleMania event to Vegas, as there have been reports that the brand wants to have a future WrestleMania at the spanking new Allegiant Stadium in Vegas. The new stadium, set to open in August 2020 and serve as the home of the NFL Raiders, will have a capacity of 65,000 and will be one of the most modern stadiums in the country, with a translucent roof as well. Other than an NFL match, a WWE event could certainly fill up the stadium, and so it is no surprise that the WWE management is looking to have the stadium host an event within the next five years.

Thus, there is no reason why Vegas cannot host a big-ticket wrestling event akin to its boxing nights. There are enough wrestling stars who would draw thousands of people to watch them, and the bonus of being in Vegas would mean that the tourist crowd would always be drawn towards such events.

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