Betting on the WWE 2023? Here are 4 common Betting mistakes you should avoid

The WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, is a professional wrestling promotion founded in the 1950s by Toots Mondt and Jess McMahon. It’s currently the largest pro wrestling promotion globally, and it has over 300 live events annually, and they ensure that fans at home can watch it. These matches have over 36 million viewers in over 150 countries.

If you’re one of them and considering betting on this entertainment, you better stack up on some wrestling betting know-how. This article combines the common betting mistakes wrestling fans make when they place their bets on the match’s outcome.

Avoid Registering in an Unregistered Betting Site.

Sports betting can be safe and fun when you register on a registered betting website, especially when considering betting on wrestling matches! You must find a reputable website that gives competitive WWE odds and lines. Ensure that the site is registered to avoid any mishaps in the future.

What are these mishaps? Well, online gaming has its dangers, especially if the website is unregistered and isn’t bound by the law. When their business isn’t registered, they may not use any protection to protect your details and betting habits. They can quickly shut down the website and run away with your winnings and hard-earned money. These are instances that you can avoid by also avoiding unregistered wrestling sites.

Don’t fret since numerous great betting sites give you better odds, superb user usability, and maybe a downloadable mobile application.

Don’t Forget To Look for Better Odds.

Most online sportsbooks have dedicated sections for each sport, including wrestling. However, on some sites, you may find the odds for WWE located in the “specialty” location. You should also know that the best WWE betting sites would dish up WWE odds all year round. But you may have a hard time locating the prices of these odds.

Some wrestling sites list the odds ahead of the significant events, so you may not get to pick which sportsbook you’ll bet on a few weeks before the event.

Be sure to explore each site you come across since each sportsbook is different. Note that it doesn’t mean that a website doesn’t have a devoted section for wrestling, and it doesn’t mean that you won’t find any WWE odds on their website. You may have to search hard for the jewel!

Avoid Betting on Just One WWE Event.

As you may know, the WWE has numerous events, and it would be a waste not to bet on more than one event. Different matches occur year-round, e.g., WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown. Let’s take a quick look at these events:


The WWE Raw or WWE Monday Night Raw program was first aired in 1993. Raw is one of the best pro wrestling programs and arguably the most significant WWE brand there is. Jerry Lawler presents it and airs it on the USA Network at 8 PM ET every Monday. As of today, there are about 1,542 episodes.

WWE SmackDown

First aired in 1999; WWE SmackDown currently airs on Friday nights at 8 PM ET. Initially, this pro wrestling program served as a complementary program to WWE Raw, but over time, WWE SmackDown eventually gathered a massive fanbase of its own.


This wrestling program serves as a developmental division for newcomers trying to make it in pro wrestling. It first aired in 2010 and is a supporting brand for WWE. Many fans enjoy the WWE betting action in the WWE NXT; it’s trendy for bettors and fans alike.


WrestleMania is considered the highlight reel of WWE. It’s showcased annually, and it occurs from mid-March to Mid-April. It features the biggest names in the WWE. It’s the event where you can bet on the best of the best wrestlers out there and earn some money!

Avoid Believing That WWE Isn’t Predetermined.

While many are aware that WWE matches are staged, there are still some who believe otherwise. WWE is a staged entertainment, but that doesn’t mean you don’t use this information to your advantage.

The winners and losers of the wrestling match are selected and written in a script before the matches take place. However, only a few individuals are privy to this information, and it’s protected from the public eye, even your bookies! The outcome remains unknown to the general public, making it possible to bet on the match’s outcome.

Final Thoughts

Wrestling, especially WWE events, is one of the most popular sports you can bet on nowadays. Simple bets, such as betting on who will win the match on Monday Raw or WrestleMania, provide thousands of fans with entertainment.

While WWE betting can be enjoyable and straightforward, there are still some common mistakes that bettors tend to make. Many may do this due to their intense feelings since WWE matches are undoubtedly intense to watch if you want to ensure that you’re winning big and securing your chances of winning.

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