Basic sports gear for Muay Thai class

Enrolling yourself in Muay Thai classes is a great decision if you want to learn self-defense, discipline, or just a productive hobby. Many people are motivated to start this due to the sudden popularity of MMA fights and tournaments on television.

If you are considering training yourself to become a Muay Thai player, you must invest in the basic sports gear that you would need as you enter your first Muay Thai class.

Boxing Gloves

This is the most important gear when in training. This is very common as you do not only see this in Muay Thai but in other sports events including boxing as well. Although you would not see the gloves in actual games, this is an essential protection in training to protect your hands and muscles from damage and injury. The impact of the first few punches can especially be shocking to skin that has never tried heavy training before. You can also avoid bruising yourself and your sparring partner if you use gloves. Since you will be using this for a long time, investing in a quality one will make you better in the long run.

Training Pads

In training, you are not only taught how to throw punches and attacks, you are also taught how to defend yourself. In order to learn self-defense and not get hurt during the process, you would need to have your training pads to protect you from kicks and strikes you get when you are training for defense or sparring with a partner. If you need references, you can look into the best thai pads reviewed by MMA Gear Addict to help you make a better decision before a purchase. If you have your own training pads, you would be able to train with a friend even at home, especially on the days you cannot go to the gym.


The most important part of the body you have to protect in any training or match is the head. Since this sport is heavily physical, sometimes it cannot be helped that you experience some failed movements that can cause trauma to your body. Having a steady head gear in training will protect you at all costs, especially when you can not know exactly when you’ll slip and get tossed. Even if you do not experience hard knocks on the head, there is an impact from training over time and you can minimize this by having protection. You can also find gears that are intended to the other parts of the body so your protection is more well rounded. In order to become the best athlete in the best shape, do not allow injuries to happen by protecting yourself in the first place.

Playing Muay Thai is a sport you have to prepare for. It is great that there are gears intended for the protection and well being of a player. This way, people can enjoy the sport better because they are able to stay safe and healthy even if it is a heavy physical activity.


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