All In’s online reaction is full of double standards

What the guys did at All In yesterday was simply extraordinary. It took balls. It took a lot of money. To have three individuals finance the whole thing and basically put their money into something that wasn’t a guaranteed success was risky. Very risky.

What happened yesterday was the best thing that could ever happen for this business. Showing there’s life – and a good one – away from WWE was surely a kick in the butt for those becoming complacent up in Stamford. Will there ever be a company rich enough to go head-to-head with WWE, ever? Highly unlikely, and I can go ahead and bet everything on the no. But independent wrestling isn’t dead, at all, as evident by yesterday.

I would guess that the majority of those who attended last night are either anti-WWE or else prefer an alternate product. Which is completely fine. If there were not these kind of fans, this show would have never taken off.

But I do have some issues. Not with the All In show, but rather with the fans, who were full of praise, and rightly so, in online forums.

There were things that when the exact same thing happened in WWE, everyone crapped on it.

Take for example the four women who after wrestling the biggest match of their career, embraced in the ring. When Sasha and Bayley did it at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and were then joined by Charlotte and Becky, the same fans voiced their disgust. And calling the four-way women’s match at All In the best women’s match in the history of women’s wrestling is pretty ridiculous to say the very least.

And what about Cody winning the NWA title in a show where he was the booker? We don’t have to go that far. When Triple H won the WWE title and the Royal Rumble in 2016, the same fans crapped all over it. Can you imagine if Triple H wrestled in NXT and booked himself to win the NXT title? The whole internet wrestling community would go absolutely apeshit.

I’m sure it was a fun weekend for everyone who attended, with a lot of access to stars along the way. But these are the same people who hate WrestleMania Axxess, which is basically the same thing on a much larger scale, simply because it’s under a WWE banner.

It’s these double standards that get me.

Everyone is still on a high coming off a successful show. It was different and it was Disney World for the independent wrestling fans so I can understand the whole excitement. But if you call it the best weekend of your life, then I have news for you: get off your computer and try to get out more. I’m pretty sure you will experience better weekends eventually.

This is the “best show ever” until the next big NJPW comes around, or the MSG show with ROH and NJPW comes along. You don’t have to hate WWE. You don’t have to hate Impact Wrestling. You don’t have to hate independent wrestling. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, but don’t be an idiot and make a big fuss about something that you already said you hated in a different company.

With shows and production like this, everybody wins.

Before closing, I also want to mention that I feel bad for fans who had to pay a large sum to get to the Sears Center. I know how much it sucks because I’ve been in a similar situation before, attending a WrestleMania or two where the stadium is way out of the city. Hoffman Estates isn’t exactly Chicago as everyone got to find out and high-priced Uber and Lyft rides were aplenty yesterday. It’s always important to do your homework before attending shows which are marketed as in being in one place but in reality they’re an hour or more drive away from the city. Remember, Google Maps is your friend!

With that said, I enjoyed the show. I thought it was great. To Cody and The Young Bucks, congratulations on making history. Now we wait for All In 2.

Colin Vassallo
Colin Vassallohttps://www.wrestling-online.com
Colin Vassallo has been editor of Wrestling-Online since 1996. He is born and raised in Malta, follows professional wrestling and MMA, loves to travel, and is a big Apple fan!

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