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AEW stars CJ Perry and Miro (ex-Lana and Rusev in WWE) announce separation after 7 years of marriage


In a surprising revelation, AEW star CJ Perry, formerly known as Lana in WWE, disclosed that she and her husband Miro (formerly Rusev, former AEW TNT and 3x WWE United States champion) have decided to part ways after seven years of marriage. The news, which surfaced through TMZ Sports, has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community, given the couple’s long-standing presence in the industry.

Wrestling Romance: From NXT to Marriage

CJ Perry and Miro’s relationship blossomed during their tenure in WWE NXT, where they initially crossed paths. Their engagement in the summer of 2015 attracted considerable attention, unfolding amidst an ongoing storyline involving Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae. However, it wasn’t until a year later that the couple exchanged vows, officially solidifying their union in 2016.

Amicable Separation: Maintaining Friendship Amidst the Split

Despite the decision to end their marriage, both CJ Perry and Miro have expressed their commitment to preserving a friendly connection and continuing to collaborate professionally even after their separation. In a joint statement, they shared their intent to remain amicable moving forward.

TMZ Report: Separation Amidst Drifting Apart

TMZ, which broke the news, emphasized that the separation between CJ Perry and Miro did not stem from conflicts, fights, or infidelity. Instead, the couple acknowledged that they had gradually grown apart over the years. The decision to part ways reportedly occurred in late 2023.

“Miro and I have reached the challenging conclusion to go our separate ways after sharing many incredible years together. We’ve chosen to transition into a friendship and, hopefully, continue collaborating as onscreen characters in the future,” CJ conveyed to TMZ.

Regarding the reasons behind their separation, our sources indicate that there wasn’t a dramatic altercation or infidelity involved. Rather, the couple gradually drifted apart over the passage of time.

Professional Ramifications: AEW Storylines and Future Collaborations

The former WWE couple, known for their on-screen chemistry, also portrayed a married duo in the ring. With their transition to AEW, fans eagerly anticipated their storyline dynamics. CJ Perry officially joined AEW during the All Out event in September, where she was involved in an angle against her husband, Miro. However, both individuals have been notably absent from television appearances since then.

With their separation, questions arise regarding the continuation of storylines and potential collaborations in AEW. While no official divorce filings have been made, Miro has reportedly returned to his native Bulgaria. The couple was last seen together in public in December 2022. And they haven’t appeared in the ring together for a very long time.

Personal Reflections and Public Appearances

The news of CJ Perry and Miro’s separation comes amidst solo public appearances by CJ Perry at various events. Just days before the announcement, she attended the DIRECTV Streaming with the Stars event and the premiere of Kristen Stewart’s new film, Love Lies Bleeding, without her husband.

Previously seen wearing her wedding ring at the premiere of The Iron Claw in December 2022, CJ Perry recently shared a heartfelt tribute to Miro on his birthday, expressing gratitude for their shared journey and his influence on her wrestling career.

As the wrestling world processes the news of their separation, fans await further developments in both personal and professional spheres for CJ Perry and Miro, recognizing the impact of their decision on their lives and careers.

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