5 important employee engagement goals

Employee engagement is the hallmark of a successful company. It influences productivity, time-to-completion, delays, customer satisfaction, work culture, work environment, and even revenue.

But how? Think about it: when your employees are interested in their work and give their all to make sure they provide the best effort, your productivity is going to rise, your profits are going to skyrocket, and your customers are going to be satisfied because their every request is met.

However, if your employees aren’t engaged, you’re going to run into delays, increased task completion rates, and low ROI. So, how can you ensure your employees are as engaged as can be?

Let’s look at five important engagement goals every workplace should have to increase employee engagement.

1. Synced Management and Employees

To simplify, your business is made up of people who work and those who manage. The management ensures deadlines are met, tasks are assigned to the right people, and that all business processes function like a well-honed machine.

The employees ensure that work is done on time, customers are satisfied, and all tasks are completed as accurately as possible. When managers and employees don’t communicate effectively, they cause big consequences for employee engagement.

For instance, when managers are putting too much load on employees, the latter will feel generally dissatisfied and unhappy with their job. As a result, their work engagement will drop, causing deadlines to be missed, task completion to take longer, and increased employee turnover.

You can prevent this from happening by making sure employees and managers communicate effectively and are always on the same page. And the best way to encourage communication is to give and get feedback from both sides.

2. Increased Employee Motivation

Employee motivation directly influences employee engagement. If an employee isn’t motivated to do their work, they won’t be engaged enough to do it correctly, causing time-to-completion delays and increased chances of revisions.

In contrast, an employee who’s motivated will attack their tasks and try their best to make sure they make the landing the first time. And if they can’t, they will strive to improve.

If your workplace is seeing a decrease in employee engagement, you should make sure every one of your employees is inspired to work. And that’s the hardest part. Inspiration directly correlates to autonomy.

The more control an employee has over a project, the more they’ll strive to do the best they can. If your employees are constantly bombarded by rules, try to relax the rules to create some changes.

Aside from autonomy, you should also recognize people who’ve excelled at their work. You can do that by praising your employees through a monthly newsletter, bonuses, company-wide recognition, or any other method.

3. Enhanced Employee Productivity

Employee engagement is also influenced by productivity. You may think the opposite is true, and it is, but the relationship is true this way too.

Productivity breeds inspiration, and as we’ve learned above, inspiration leads to increased engagement. Plus, productive employees think of new solutions to every problem they run into, allowing them to go above and beyond what they’re supposed to do.

However, high productivity doesn’t mean acting like a robot. It means working passionately for a company. And one way you can get your employees to work passionately is to ask their opinion on things that could be improved in the office.

For instance, if you’ve been noticing a lag in employee productivity, you should ask your team members or employees what they think could be improved to make processes more efficient. Their answers will give you insights into factors that could lead to future disengagement.

4. Decreased Absenteeism

Disengagement can lead to absenteeism, and that’s understandable. After all, why would you want to work somewhere you feel miserable? However, decreasing absenteeism can help you increase engagement. How can you do that?

You can decrease absenteeism by ensuring your employees have a future with your company. It’s that simple.

And you can ensure your employees see a future with you by using robust onboarding procedures, offering upskilling opportunities, better benefits, and promotions, and giving your employees more autonomy or control over their tasks and deadlines.

You should also pay your employees as soon as possible because payment delays aren’t something your employees can turn a blind eye to. And if you keep delaying their payments, they’ll feel entitled (and rightfully so) to not come to the office or arrive late.

So, if you need to automate pay stub creation by using a paystub generator or payroll management through accounting software, then you should do it. It’ll increase employee engagement by a wide margin.

5. Low Employee Turnover

Your employees may be leaving your business for many reasons, but most resignations are going to result from late payments, too much pressure, extreme deadlines, toxic high-performance culture, and a lack of communication between managers and employees.

In a nutshell, employees leave because they’re unhappy and dissatisfied with your company and its practices. So, the only way to increase engagement is to reduce turnover, and reducing turnover means overturning and innovating current business practices.

For instance, if you see lots of resignations because of increased pressure and lack of communication, you should strive to find ways to reduce stress and increase communication between managers and employees.

Similarly, if turnover stems from delayed payments, you should look into ways to automate payroll to make sure your employees are paid what they deserve. That’s the only way to keep your employees happy and engaged.

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