Cody to help make kid’s first AEW live event a memorable one!


One of the most important aspects of professional wrestling is to bring smile to people’s faces, especially kids. The wrestling community most of the times goes the extra mile to grant wishes, make a meet and greet memorable etc, and it doesn’t matter which company it is, the main objective is always to give fans the ultimate experience.

On Twitter, an AEW fan posted a video of his son watching AEW Dynamite and getting excited when Cody Rhodes came out. The person behind the video, Steven Husak, wrote to Cody telling him that he got his son away from a child abusive situation with his mother and boyfriend and while he spent all his money in court, his son is ready to go to Dynamite when they roll into Michigan. “Promised him front row and he’ll be there cheering you on. He earned it,” Husak wrote.

Cody replied saying that he will sweeten the deal. “Tickets will be on us and I’ll have a few members of the crew visit with him, myself included,” Cody added.