Chris Jericho explains how AEW filmed the Matt Hardy teleportation from Dynamite


During a live chat with fans, Chris Jericho explained some behind the scenes stuff that went down when the crew was ready to tape the Matt Hardy teleportation for Wednesday’s Dynamite.

In case you didn’t know, Hardy teleported himself to various sections of the arena on Wednesday before he entered the ring for his face-to-face with Chris Jericho.

“If you liked it, that’s all on me. If you don’t like it, that’s still all on me because it was my idea,” the former AEW champion explained.

Jericho said that they filmed a version of it the night before but he wasn’t there and when he saw it on Wednesday he didn’t really like it as it wasn’t exactly what he envisioned the segment would be.

The crew then decided to film it before AEW Dynamite went live on TNT however there was a problem. As this segment was airing later in the night, the sun was still setting down before 8PM so they couldn’t do it considering there would be different lighting during the segment.

Jericho added that the Darby Allin vs Kip Sabian match was the only thing not live on Wednesday so they decided to air that first and during the time that the match was going on, they went out and filmed the teleportation tidbit at 8:15PM and only had 15 minutes to complete it.

After they were done at 8:30PM, they got in the truck with all the footage 10 minutes later and the editing was done by 9PM with the segment ready to roll at 9:30PM.

Jericho admitted that it wasn’t perfect and in fact the editing of the segment was far from that but they did the best they could do considering the circumstances. “If it seemed strange ad odd, it’s because it was,” Jericho concluded.