AEW Plus subscription on FITE now available for purchase


The AEW Plus subscription on FITE TV is now available for purchase for $4.99 per month.

The subscription is only available for those living outside North America and included in the price is the live, weekly episodes of AEW Dynamite every Wednesday along with some behind-the-scenes videos and additional content. The AEW pay-per-views are not included in the price. You can also purchase single episodes of AEW Dynamite a la carte for $2.99 each.

The AEW Plus service was created with FITE due to the lack of proper international distribution for Dynamite at the moment. The only partnership announced so far is with ITV in the United Kingdom but that deal is far from ideal, with ITV4 airing Dynamite on a four-day delay on Sunday at 8:20AM.

The original deal called for Dynamite to air live in the United Kingdom and Ireland but different regulations when it comes to ad breaks for live TV in the UK meant that Dynamite has to be heavily edited. Instead of having live edits starting at 1AM every week at the ITV offices, AEW and ITV decided that for now the show would air on tape delay, angering fans who live in the country.