AEW drops another Matt Hardy hint


All Elite Wrestling has made another subtle hint at Matt Hardy joining the promotion by posting an image simply saying “The Exalted One is Near” on Twitter just after Midnight.

However, upon zooming in on the photo, on the words E of Exalted and I of Is, there’s the words “Sitting in a dead tree” in very faint grey on the white text. In the video that Matt released also just after Midnight, he is seen sitting on a throne…made of wood.

There have been several hints over the past few weeks of Matt Hardy joining AEW to be the leader of The Dark Order. Last week, Hardy addressed Orton in a video titled “Dear Dr RKO” which when you scramble the words they come out to Dark Order.

Hardy announced that he is now a free agent after his deal expired on March 1 at Midnight.