Mr. T pumped and ready for the Hall of Fame tonight

Mr. T pumped and ready for the Hall of Fame tonight
April 05
11:45 2014

Being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame must be an exciting thing and Mr. T is certainly feeling excited about it.

The former A-Team star has been writing on Twitter what an honor for him is to be chosen to be inducted in the Hall of Fame this year and plans to make a memorable speech.

“My speech is ready! Hand written from my heart to capture the essence of my Mother. NO speech writer here FOOL,” T wrote on his Twitter a few days ago. He also spoke how he’s already getting butterflies about the whole thing and said he hopes he doesn’t get nervous when he gets on stage.

Mr. T thanked the fans for all the encouragement and love they showed him on Twitter ever since he was announced for the Hall of Fame.


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