Kaitlyn suffers wardrobe malfunction while attacking AJ

Kaitlyn suffers wardrobe malfunction while attacking AJ
June 17
22:39 2013

There was a wardrobe malfunction on RAW during the segment featuring the new Divas champion AJ Lee and former champ Kaitlyn.

After Stephanie McMahon threatened to fire AJ following the trading of insults, Kaitlyn and the rest of the Divas locker room came out to face AJ. Kaitlyn proceeded to go in the ring and tackle the new champion and while the two were rolling around in the ring, Kaitlyn’s top had enough and decided to let one nipple out.

“A slight wardrobe malfunction may or may not have happened (from the velocity of the Spear),” Kaitlyn wrote on Twitter.

Kaitlyn quickly arranged her top as Big E Langston escorted AJ out on his shoulder to avoid further confrontation.

You can check out two photos from the slip below. (Images courtesy of the Twitter account @KaitlynsNipple)


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