Seth Rollins accused of sending nude photos of himself to former Diva Kaitlyn


The Sun tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom is carrying a story about Kaitlyn’s ex-husband PJ Braun accusing Seth Rollins of sending nude photos of himself. The accusation was made during The Delray Misfits podcast.

Braun said that Rollins sent the photos to Kaitlyn when she was still married to him even though Rollins knew about their marriage. Kaitlyn, allegedly, would just dismiss the photos, joking that Rollins was just a flirty guy.

“I’ll tell you who I hate. I hate Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins was sending, while I was still married, I’ll call her my ex-wife, naked pictures of himself getting out of the shower and sh*t,” Braun said. “I saw it one day. It caused a huge fight between me and her. She was like, ‘That’s just who he is. He’s a flirty guy.'”

Kaitlyn’s ex vowed to “rip his fu**ing arms off” if he ever got hold of Rollins and called him “just a little pussy.”

Kaitlyn and PJ Braun were divorced in 2017 after three years of marriage.