Mark Henry swerves wrestling world in one of best RAW segments ever


Former World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry announced his retirement on Monday Night RAW, then turned on John Cena in what was one of the best segments and swerves on RAW this year.

Mark Henry came out just as John Cena was wrapping up his interview and told Cena to hang around cause he wants to say something to him and everyone watching. Henry said he respects everyone in the company because he knows how hard it is to do it. He told Cena that he’s doing an awesome job and at this rate he will be the greatest WWE champion of all time.

Henry was crying and said he’s done pretty good for himself although not as successful as John Cena. He then announced he is formally retiring from active roster as fans chanted “one more match” and “thank you Henry.” John Cena lead the clapping and handed him the WWE title. Henry gave Cena the title back, saying that that is something you have to earn.

“I stand before you a proud, proud man,” a very emotional Henry told the crowd as everyone gave him a standing ovation. He thanked his wife, son and daughter, and then said, “Baby I’m coming home!”

At that point, Cena went back in the ring and gave Henry the title and raised his hand. As soon as Cena went to hug Henry, Henry grabbed him and delivered the world’s strongest slam to a thunderous pop from the crowd!

Standing at the top of the ramp, collecting his wrestling boots which he left behind on his way down, Henry looked at the crowd and screamed, “That’s what I do!”