Jerry Lawler makes an appearance before Smackdown tapings in Memphis


WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler made an appearance on Tuesday night before the Smackdown tapings started in Memphis, Tennessee.

His broadcast partner Michael Cole welcomed back Lawler at the top of the ramp who got a nice standing ovation from the fans.

Lawler realized that he is very lucky to be standing there and had a few people to thank, first, Michael Cole, who was the first person to realize that something was bad and started the process to save his life.

The second was Mike Sampson, the WWE doctor who is always at ringside ready to jump in when needed. Lawler credited Sampson for saving his life as it was him who started the CPR and chest compressions when Lawler went down.

The King said he feels fantastic and doctors told him that he will be making a full recovery and is looking forward to returning to Monday Night RAW.

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