WWE yanks the WWE Network channel from Canadian Apple TVs


If you’re a Canadian and you were using the Apple TV to watch the WWE Network you are in for bad news today: WWE has yanked the WWE Network channel from Apple TV in Canada.

Much to the enjoyment – and surprise – of Canadian fans, the WWE Network channel popped up on their Apple TV screens even though the Network is supposed to be airing only in the United States. Canadians who used their Canadian iTunes account were able to purchase six months of subscription and stream without any issues.

Apple Canada has accepted to refund customers the full amount if they don’t want to keep their subscription. Customers can call iTunes Canada at 800-676-2775 to request their refund.

A simple location change on your Apple TV settings from Canada to United States should pop the channel back up however the streams might still be blocked unless you are behind a U.S. IP address.