WWE with a multi-million dollar ad campaign for WWE Network and SummerSlam


MultiChannelNews.com is running a story about the multi-million dollar campaign that WWE is running for the WWE Network promoting SummerSlam.

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Hoping to add to the 700,000 subscribers they have, WWE bought out advertising on more than 20 major cable networks and digital advertising on a global basis with Google and YouTube.

“We made a major investment around SummerSlam because we know the opportunity to bring in subscribers is much greater that it was in the past,” said Michelle Wilson, WWE’s Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer.

SummerSlam is considered as one of the top three pay-per-views on the WWE calendar along with WrestleMania and the Royal Rumble and with DirecTV and DISH Network refusing to carry the show on pay-per-view, WWE hopes to lure in new subscribers either with the $9.99 price on a six month commitment or the $12.99 a month price.

“We’re still generating a fair amount of PPV buys to the point where In Demand still wants to be in business with us. We still think it makes good business sense to be in business with the cable operators,” she said.