WWE to stop paying for Tammy Sytch’s rehab program


Tammy Sytch’s comments on WWE’s rehab assistance in a recent interview with Kayfabe Commentaries has come back to haunt her as WWE has now said that they will not be paying anymore rehab stints for their Hall of Famer.

In the interview, Sytch said that when Linda McMahon was running for Senate, the company put her in a $1,000 a day rehab facility but after she lost the election, WWE moved to her to a $100 a day dump. Sytch called the company to get her moved and mentioned that WWE spent hundreds of thousands in rehabs for Scott Hall. According to Sytch, the person on the other end of the line told her that she’s “not Scott Hall.”

In a statement carried by CageSideSeats.com, WWE said that the company sent Sytch to rehab on numerous times with all costs covered but things have not improved.

“Unfortunately, Ms. Sytch has continued to make poor personal choices and is ultimately responsible for the consequences of these decisions. WWE has always provided rehabilitation at a certified treatment center, however, given Ms. Sytch’s inability to change her lifestyle and successfully complete treatment, WWE will no longer fund her rehabilitation.”