WWE to keep pay-per-views on TV as well apart from airing on the Network


As noted already, WWE will be giving out all of its pay-per-views on the WWE Network, a decision which will most likely cost a few PPV buys but in the long run might prove to be the best decision the company has ever made.

Although all shows will be part of the $9.99 a month package on the Network, those who do not subscribe to the Network can still order the pay-per-views using the traditional method for the usual price. So far nothing has changed when it comes to distribution of the twelve monthly specials on normal television and DirecTV, iN Demand, and others will continue to carry them.

TV providers take a large chunk of percentage from the price that WWE charges for it’s pay-per-views and putting all the shows – including WrestleMania – on the Network will certainly leave a dent in income for PPV providers.