WWE to allow Chris Benoit footage on WWE Network unedited


According to report on the Wrestling Observer, WWE has issued a memo announcing that footage of Chris Benoit will be allowed to air on the WWE Network and he will no longer be edited out of shows.

Any time there is a show with Benoit on it, an advisory will be displayed before the start of the program to let viewers know that the former World Heavyweight champion will be appearing on the broadcast.

This is a complete u-turn from the company who has completely written off Benoit from its history books ever since he murdered his wife and kid and then committed suicide back in 2007.

Benoit was removed from DVD releases and wiped out from artworks as WWE distanced themselves from him after it was made clear that he killed his family. A popular clip which was used at WrestleManias – him and Eddie Guerrero hugging each other at WrestleMania XX – was also canned from future shows.

This is the first time that WWE has relaxed its rule on Chris Benoit, six and a half years following the shocking events of that tragic weekend in June 2007.