WWE television shows from London this week


This week’s WWE television shows will be emanating from London, England, as the company is currently half way through their very hectic European tour.

Due to time difference, Monday Night Raw tonight will not be airing live but on tape delay. The show finished taping in London earlier today. Smackdown will also be taped in London at the O2 Arena tomorrow along with the other “B” shows.

Usually International crowds provide a much louder voice as seen during post-WrestleMania Raw shows so it will be interesting to see what happens tonight. Last year the crowd in Liverpool was the exception to the rule and during the Smackdown tapings Vince McMahon even came out to rile up the crowd because they were staying silent throughout the whole evening!

“Liverpool! What kind of name is Liverpool? Liverpool sounds like an old man’s skin disease, doesn’t it? Liverpool, kind of like Ebola, it just crawls up on you. Come on and have some fun here tonight, dammit,” the Chairman said that night.