WWE teams up with MLB Advanced Media to deliver WWE Network


With traditional TV distribution out of the picture, WWE opted to deliver its Network across the Internet, giving its fans access to programming on any device they want. To do this, WWE had to partner up with someone who’s been doing this for a long time and eventually chose MLB Advanced Media for the job.

MLBAM will be providing the WWE Network with its technology services, including video streaming infrastructure, application development and operational support for reliable cross-platform distribution. Starting in 2002, MLBAM has since delivered 25,000 live events with over 80,000 hours of broadcast programming across its sports and entertainment partners.

“We applaud WWE for this bold, timely and strategic move to fully optimize the power and potential of live entertainment,” said Bob Bowman, President and CEO, MLBAM. “We are proud to work with WWE to help provide its millions of loyal fans with unencumbered access to distinctive and engaging live content across the devices they use most.”