WWE takes down Justin Roberts’ video reel from YouTube


WWE has pulled Justin Roberts’ video reel from YouTube months after he was let go from the company citing copyright content.

In a post on his Instagram, Roberts said that on that night when they told him they’re not renewing his contract, they said that “the door was always open.” He said he chose not to bash the company and left the negativity in his heart and opted to write a positive goodbye.

Roberts added that WWE sent him footage and he put the video reel up to promote his work. “My reel was out there and maybe I’d go where the wind blew, but today they pulled that reel off of YouTube. Despite countless hours of their copyrighted YouTube footage uploaded by others, my 5 min reel of my work is pulled,” he wrote.

Before signing off, Roberts took one final, timely dig at WWE. “Maybe their legal department isn’t busy enough? #BeAStar.”

Roberts spent 12 years with the company doing live event announcing before getting the promotion to Smackdown and eventually Monday Night Raw.