WWE Superstars speak on Twitter regarding Monday’s crazy crowd at RAW


Several WWE personalities took it to Twitter to congratulate the New Jersey crowd on Monday for their unbelievable efforts in making RAW one of the most memorable ones in its 20 year history.

“Just wrassled Randy on RAW. Anyone notice?? #ManiaFallout #NJChantMob,” wrote Sheamus, whose match against Randy Orton was totally ignored by the fans for the chanting and Mexican wave. “New Jersey. Mexico called. They want their wave back! #NJChantMob,” Sheamus added, saying that he will be telling his grand kids “I was there!” when they grow up.

Two of the commentators – Michael Cole and JBL – also had their names chanted during the broadcast, probably a first for Michael Cole.

“Still buzzing after an incredible raw tonight! Best in years! Huge props to an insane crowd,” wrote Cole, with JBL adding, “I’ve never seen a crowd like we had last night for @wwe Raw! Incredible, fun crowd! I LOVED it! Thanks to u great guys!”

Hornswoggle was stuck backstage during the show but he snuck out to see the show with the fans. “I will be watching the rest of #Raw live from the crowd! Most amazing crowd I have EVER heard!!! #clapclapclapclapclap”

Fandango – who was the star of the night with everyone singing along to his theme song – had two words, or better yet, two hashtags, to say. “#saymyname #singmymusic”

Triple H ‏also congratulated the crowd, calling them the MVP of RAW. “WOW. What a week!! #WRESTLEMANIA29 #Raw last nights MVP #WWEUniverse. you were awesome!!!! THANK YOU !!!!”