WWE Superstars comment on CM Punk’s UFC debut


Nikki Bella, Natalya Neidhart, Darren Young, and Alberto Del Rio were some of his former wrestling colleagues that had words of encouragement for CM Punk after last night’s disastrous outing at UFC 203.

“Don’t worry amigo @CMPunk it’s all good, you’ll be back stronger…” said the recently released Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio is also a former MMA fighter himself.

Nikki Bella also congratulated Punk, writing that she admired his dedication, passion, and bravery for fulfilling his dream. “Can’t wait 2 see what he does in the future,” she wrote. Nikki’s boyfriend John Cena had a pretty big feud with CM Punk while he was in WWE.

Nattie Neidhart did not specifically mention Punk by his name but said that, “it’s not easy to step outside your comfort zone & do something that is very challenging and very risky. In the end, we only have ONE life.”

Darren Young, who knows a thing or two about hate, jumped to Punk’s defense as well. “People hating on @CMPunk are people who don’t have the guts to do what he’s doing,” he wrote on Twitter.