WWE Superstars and Divas surprise R-Truth for his birthday after Smackdown


WWE Superstars and Divas surprised R-Truth for his birthday right after Smackdown finished taping yesterday night.

WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns was in the ring with R-Truth and The Usos and broke the news to everyone that today was Truth’s birthday. Reigns invites the crowd to sing Happy Birthday as the rest of the locker room came down to the ring with Truth trying to talk to his way out of it.

Following a big hug from Reigns, Henry, and some silliness from everyone in the ring, Truth was told to make a speech, however he was lost for words. Reigns took the mic and told everyone that they call Truth “immortal” as he looks and moves like he’s 24 but it was his 50th birthday.

As everyone in the ring laughed, Truth took back the mic and said, “No no no no! I am not 50 years old” as his peers chanted “Yes you are.” He then started singing his theme and dancing with everyone else going crazy and having a good time!

Just for the record, R-Truth was born in 1972 so that makes him 44 and not 50. You can see the hilarious video below.