WWE sues Thai broadcast partner over non-payments


On August 10, WWE filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court of Connecticut against CTH, a Thai broadcast company which acquired WWE television rights back in November 2013.

The lawsuit states that CTH has failed to pay seven invoices sent to them dated March 2014, June 2014, August 2014, October 2014, January 2015, March 2015, and June 2015. CTH’s outstanding balance with WWE now sits at $4,424,000 and that figure does not include any interest which WWE is entitled to as per the agreement.

Before entering the agreement with CTH, WWE also requested documents with a bank guarantee, something that CTH did not provide even though they were awarded the licensing agreement and retained the broadcast license.

WWE is now demanding a jury trial along with $4,424,000 in damages plus interest, damages for any additional unpaid license fees owed under the license agreement through the date of judgment, prejudgment interest and post-judgment interest, attorney’s fees and costs, and other costs the court might demand.

You can read the 10 page lawsuit in PDF here.