WWE starts to crack down on Network password sharing


WWE seems to be cracking down on those who share their WWE Network credentials and streaming more than one feed at the same time.

Error messages of “steam limit exceeded” and “too many usage attempts” are popping for these users who share their passwords although it looks like multiple streams behind the same network IP address are not effected.

While according to their terms of service the WWE Network was always “limited” to one device and prohibiting concurrent streams from different IPs, it was only recently that they started enforcing the rule. The password-sharing problem is always tackled during the WWE financial conference calls and the company has always been lenient towards enforcing the rule.

Sharing passwords with different users costs WWE money as they are missing out on revenues on those who are getting the service for free from their friends or relatives.

Other streaming services such as Netflix and CBS All Access allow multiple streaming, with Netflix offering two streams for their standard subscription and four streams for their more expensive premium package.