WWE Saturday Morning Slam on CW delivers the kids rating


WWE issued a press release today announcing that the debut episode of Saturday Morning Slam on the CW was the most watched program on the network among total viewers and a bunch of kids demographic that the show was initially after. It drew the top spot in demos for Kids under 18, Kids 2-5, Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11, Kids 9-14, Boys under 18, Boys 2-5, Boys 2-11, Boys 6-11, Girls under 18, Girls 2-11, Girls 6-11, Girls 9-14 and Female Teens (F12-17).

The show reached a total of 1,126,000 viewers and it was CW’s most watched Saturday morning program since a March 10 episode of Dragon Ball Z. WWE Saturday Morning Slam was watched by more viewers than the The Green Lantern on Cartoon Network, Noodle and Doodle on NBC, Little Bear on Nick Jr., Doodlebops on CBS, Pair of Kings on Disney XD and Power Rangers on Nicktoons, all of which aired in the same time slot of WWE’s kid show between 10AM and 10:30AM.