WWE revenues by business segment for Q1 2018


With the Q1 2018 financial results, WWE has changed the way it reports the revenues by business segments, combining all previous nine departments in three: Media, Live Events, and Consumer Products.

Media, which incorporates Network, television rights, advertising, and other, did $133.4 million, an increase of 10% from the same quarter in 2017. WWE Network had $46.8 million in revenue, which also includes pay-per-view, TV rights were $65.5 million, advertising was $12.2 million and another $8.9 million were registered in the other category.

Live event revenues declined 4% to $30.8 million from $32.1 million, mainly due to less tickets sold at the Royal Rumble since last year it was in a stadium.

Consumer products division recorded $23.5 million, down from the $35.1 million from the prior year quarter. Licensing was $9.3 million, WWE Shop and other eCommerce merchandise was $8.4 million, while merchandise sold at venues during live events was $5.8 million.