WWE ref Charles Robinson apologizes for dropping F-bomb on Raw


Senior WWE referee Charles Robinson apologized on Twitter for dropping the F-bomb twice in a heated argument with Chris Jericho after Jericho pushed him following a miscommunication over the ending of the match.

Jericho informed Robinson that Neville was hurt and they were going straight for the ending. Robinson didn’t hear Jericho and when Y2J rolled up Neville for the pin, Robinson stopped at the two count after noticing that Neville’s shoulder was up.

Jericho got pissed off and in front of cameras started screaming at Robinson and in return, Robinson fired back saying, “Don’t f**king touch me, I didn’t hear you. Don’t f**king touch me.” The exchange was clearly audible during Raw and even on the video that WWE uploaded on YouTube.

“During the heat of the moment during @IAmJericho @WWENeville match on Raw I said a really bad word. I sincerely apologize. Guilty,” Robinson said on Twitter.

After one fan replied telling to “Learn to count,” Robinson replied, “I can count (usually) when the shoulders are fully down. It did not look that way from my vantage point.” The instructions for WWE referees are that if someone fails to kick out, then they go ahead with the pin regardless of the finish and vice versa.