WWE production team explain how the WrestleMania 33 stage was assembled


In an article published by the Orlando Sentinel it was revealed that nearly 500 construction workers helped build the largest stage in WrestleMania history over the past two weeks.

Planning for the stage, which includes a roller coaster and steel structures that go way beyond the top of the stadium, began nine months ago and required 100 semi-trucks of material.

“I’m kind of the nuts and bolts, make-it-all-work guy,” said Duncan Leslie, senior vice president of event technical operations for WWE. “Between 400 to 500 people contribute to this, whether it’s [information technology] guys, loaders, crane operators, riggers, lighting folks and everything in between. There will be [more than] 100 semi-trucks bringing in gear all week long.”

There will be more than 1,000 lighting fixtures set up and the crew plans to use more LED video than ever before. And with the show starting early, the WWE production team even took into consideration the sunset and what kind of pyro to use for daylight.

You can read the full article which details how the WWE team sets up also for the Hall of Fame, Raw, Smackdown and other events during the weekend and what it involves in making sure everything goes smoothly at http://bit.ly/2oHlC4T.