WWE officials not thrilled with Rock going off the script during Raw


According to the Wrestling Observer, people backstage at Raw were not thrilled with The Rock going off the script and go ringside to talk to the four fans who were dressed as himself, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, and The Undertaker.

Fans in the arena started a “Randy Savage” chant after the guy who was dressed up as him kept standing up doing Macho Man mannerisms. Instead of ignoring the obvious, The Rock decided to have a little fun and talked to the guys who just said their name and who they are playing. The fans loved it, but the element of being live made a few people backstage sweat.

WWE Superstars and Divas rarely go off script during their promos unless there are some extraordinary circumstances or you are a top guy who can afford to take the backlash. The Rock, who doesn’t work for WWE, can certainly afford to do it and credit to him, made the whole thing work.

Addressing what happened on Twitter, The Rock himself said going off script is what he lives for as it’s fun for the fans. “Nightmare for Vince,” he added, with a smiley at the end.

The four individuals who were responsible for the whole thing were then given different seats by WWE security to avoid any repeats.