WWE Network subscribers down to 1.44 million


As expected, the WWE Network subscribers count dipped a little bit for the third quarter following the free WrestleMania promotion in the second quarter.

WWE reported a total of 1.44 million paid subscribers till September 30, down from the 1.56 million it had by June 30. Out of these 1.44 million subscribers, a total of 1.07 million are subscribers based in the United States while 373,000 are International subs. As a comparison, in the last quarter there were 1.13 million US subscribers and 381,000 International subs. The day after WrestleMania 32 remains the single most popular WWE Network day with a total of 1.82 million subscribers.

Despite the decrease in subscribers, the 1.44 million number represents a 17% increase year-over-year, and that’s how WWE usually measures their subscribers.

WWE is on pace to add more than 300 hours of original content to the Network’s featured programming in 2016, and more than 2,500 hours of archival content, which would result in an on-demand library of over 7,000 hours at year-end 2016.

For the fourth quarter, WWE is estimating an average paid subscribers count of 1.4 million so they are forecasting another dip in subscriptions over the next couple of months.