WWE Network one week free trial to be stopped


If you are thinking of benefiting from the one-week free WWE Network trial, you better do it fast as the promotion is coming to an end.

With WrestleMania XXX fast approaching, WWE will be shutting down the free trial so anyone who wants to watch WrestleMania will be locked-in in a six month commitment. There was never a plan to let the free week trial run through WrestleMania and the promotion was used to encourage people to sign up.

With some pay-per-view providers dumping WWE, the WWE Network will be the only option to legally watch WrestleMania if your cable or satellite provider has decided not to air WrestleMania.

WWE has so far not released any subscriber numbers for the WWE Network but plans to give the first figure on April 7, the day after WrestleMania XXX.

If you are overseas and you are interested in watching the WWE Network, you can follow our tutorial guide at http://w-o.it/1k4w3Yu