WWE Network on Apple TV comment deleted from official Facebook page


A reply to a question on Facebook regarding the WWE Network being available on the Apple TV was deleted by the WWE social media team but not before Apple websites such as Mac Rumors and Apple Insider got a hold of it.

A would-be WWE Network subscriber asked about the availability of WWE Network on Apple TV, a device which WWE has so far not mentioned about being supported. “In order to experience WWE Network on Apple TV, you must have a second generation or later (black) Apple TV and be a WWE Network subscriber,” read the response.

The second half of the response mentions a WWE-specific app on the Apple TV like Netflix, Hulu Plus, MLB, and others have. “Once WWE Network is available, you will be able to launch the WWE Network app directly from your Apple TV.” The response also said that the app would launch on February 24.

The reply by the social media team was however deleted from the Facebook page soon after it was posted probably because they’re not allowed to reveal it yet for some reason.

At the launch event, WWE Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer Michelle Wilson did mention that the service would be available on a connected device that she was not allow to mention yet. Media reps who attended that event were given a Google Chromecast or an Apple TV for free.