WWE Network officially goes live in the United Kingdom


The United Kingdom finally got the WWE Network, officially at least, starting today.

Getting the same deal as the rest of the world, minus Canada, the Network in the UK is the over-the-top service with one difference: price. In the UK, the price of the Network per month will be 9.99 GBP and those in the Republic of Ireland will pay 12.99 Euro. Both figures translate to around $15 US.

The United Kingdom is one of the largest markets that the Network was not made available in August and originally it was set to launch on October 1 but negotiations with other partners delayed the launch. A second launch in November was aborted with 20 minutes to go.

Last week WWE removed the geoblock on the UK and allowed signups. The WWE Network app was also made available on consoles and TV-connected devices. All this was probably was done to avoid any hiccups with mass signups and downloads, saving WWE from another PR disaster in the region.