WWE Network issues for Xbox and Playstation users


WWE Network problems on the Xbox and Playstation continue to persist as WWE issued two advisories regarding the service on Microsoft’s and Sony’s gaming platforms.

“We would like to notify WWE Network customers using Xbox 360 of an issue accessing certain pay-per-views and classic content after launching the WWE Network app for the first time,” the advisory for Xbox reads.

“We are aggressively working on a solution. In the mean time, if you are experiencing this issue, please do the following: Go to Xbox Settings, Select Family, Set the Content Controls to allow for TV-14 content. Save the settings and restart the WWE app. This should allow visibility to the missing content.”

Meanwhile the Playstation problem seems to be due to the daylight savings time change from this past Sunday.

“Sony Playstation 3 users may be experiencing an issue with the schedule on WWE Network. Following the daylight savings time change on Sunday, March 9, the WWE Network schedule on PS3 is listing shows one hour behind the actual air time. Although the schedule is one hour off, all live programming is airing at the correct times. You will see this issue resolved within the next few days. Thank you for your patience.”