WWE Network free for the month of July for new subscribers


Are you interested in getting the WWE Network but still have not taken the plunge yet? WWE is once again offering a free month for new subscribers, with July completely free including the Battleground pay-per-view and everything else that is on the Network.

Out of the seven months of 2015 so far, WWE has made the Network free for five of those, excluding January which had Royal Rumble and April because of WrestleMania. With SummerSlam on the horizon it’s probably safe to assume that August will not be part of a free promotion as the event is considered to be one of the so-called big 4.

To sign up for the WWE Network all you have to do is go to WWENetwork.com and if you do not plan to keep your subscription past July, all you have to do is go to your account and click on the billing information link and cancel your subscription.