Monday Night Raw TV report for 08/14/2017

Hello everyone! I am @TheMagnumDA with your Raw report. Before we go any further, I just want to send my thoughts out to Ric Flair and his family. I’m pulling for you, Naitch!

We are LIVE from Boston, Massachusetts. The show starts with a Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins recap video, culminating in Seth walking away from Dean last week. Dean Ambrose comes out live to tell the world that he wants to know where Seth Rollins’ head is at. This brings out Rollins, who says he’s done playing games. Without hesitation, he sticks out his fist in a show of solidarity. Dean says, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” After they go back and forth, Dean sticks HIS fist out and Seth walks away again. This leads to a brawl between the two, and it spills outside the ring!

The WWE Tag Team Champions, Cesaro and Sheamus, come out to ringside. They divide and conquer, as Ambrose is thrown into the crowd while Rollins is dissected in the ring. Ambrose sees the double team, and tries to make the save. They turn their attention to Ambrose, and Seth makes the save! They finally get on the same page to take out the champs, and Seth sticks out the Shield fist one last time. Dean commits! The place goes absolutely shithouse! WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle comes out to an equally huge pop! He announces Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Ambrose & Rollins for the WWE Tag Team Championship (Raw) at SummerSlam.

Match #1 – #1 Contender’s Match for the WWE Women’s Championship (Raw)
Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

The winner of this match faces Alexa Bliss for the Women’s Championship at SummerSlam. Alexa comes out and sits in an elevated chair adjacent to the ring. She looks like a lifeguard out there. Sasha gets the first attack, with forearms to Nia’s face. This is immediately snuffed out by Jax, who bulldozes Sasha to the mat as we go to break. After the break, Sasha fights up to her feet. Sasha gets knocked to the apron, where she tries a Bombs Away onto Jax. Jax catches her in a Power Bomb position, and then ragdolls her head-first into the barricade.

Back inside, Jax gets a nearfall. Nia Jax goes for the Bearhug on Banks, and then ragdolls her again! Standing Vader splash, followed by a HUGE leg drop by Jax for two. Banks tries a roll-up for two, and then climbs on Jax’s shoulders again. This is turned into a Samoan Drop by Jax for one, two, no! Jax hits another Samoan Drop, but this one sends Banks outside the ring. Jax brings her back in, but Sasha fights back and catches a roll-up for one, two, no! Jax misses an elbow, and both women are down as we go to another break!

After another break, Sasha is fighting Nia Jax from the second rope! She rolls over Nia and dropkicks the left leg, bringing Jax off her feet. Banks gets a one, two, no! Sasha is relentless, as she continues to beat down Jax with knees across her chest and face. Jax knocks down Sasha once more, but Sasha fights up and catches the Bank Statement! Jax lifts her up and tries to counter, but Sasha rolls right back into the Bank Statement! Unbelievable! JAX TAPS! What a victory for Sasha Banks! She will face Alexa Bliss for the Women’s Championship (Raw) at SummerSlam.

Winner: Sasha Banks (***1/4)

Angle is backstage with The Hardy Boyz, when The Miztourage interrupts. Miz says that the days of Angle protecting his favorites are over. I didn’t know he was protecting favorites? Anyways, Miz challenges Jason Jordan tonight. After this, Angle is told that Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor are fighting somewhere in the backstage area. With the help of agents and referees, the fight between them is separated. Angle announces that if they can’t keep their cool until SummerSlam, then SummerSlam is coming early for both of them. Their match will take place TONIGHT!

Elias is in the ring. He calls Fenway a “dump”, which is tantamount to blasphemy. He continues to run down the city as the crowd is getting restless. R-Truth interrupts! As he makes his entrance, Samson beats him into dust! R-Truth is NAILED with the Drift Away by Samson.

Big Cass comes out to talk about SummerSlam, with a shark cage in the ring for added effect! Cass starts to speak, but this crowd completely drowns him out in boos. This is pretty spectacular. Cass keeps saying, “This Sunday, at SummerSlam…” but the crowd completely drowns him out! Wow! Finally, he snaps and says “I’ll stay out here all night long!” Cass continues his promo, but this crowd is getting louder and louder with their jeers. Cass tears into Enzo and Show, saying that Enzo constantly gets in trouble with his big mouth. Meanwhile, Show is holding onto relevance, so he finds a friend in Enzo. Cass gives them a news flash: There’s a NEW seven-footer on the block.

Enzo comes out and the crowd is somewhat indifferent. Enzo introduces the Big Show, who comes down to the ring. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson come down and attack Show! Cass boots Enzo in the face! Gallows and Anderson use a belt to wrap Show’s wrist around the Shark Cage, propped against the doorway. Cass SLAMS the door on Show’s wrist, rendering him helpless! Cass then STOMPS on it. All three men continue the beatdown until Show is lying in a complete heap. Refs come down to check on Big Show as Cole recaps last week’s main event. The Last Man Standing match was pretty incredible. Check out last week’s Raw report for a recap.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match – Neville (c) vs. Akira Tozawa

Wait, what?! They’re blowing their load on this already? Akira tries a quick roll-up for two. Neville hits a running charge, and rolls right into the chinlock. Akira rolls out, and the two men exchange sweeps. They go face-to-face, and Akira hits a WICKED dropkick to the chest of Neville. Akira follows up with chops in the corner, but Neville kicks him right in the ribs to bring him down. A very fast exchange leads to a dropkick by Tozawa, followed by a running kick for two! Neville rolls outside as we go to break.

After the break, Neville hits a sweet drop kick (with an even sweeter pose) for two. Neville grabs the injured shoulder of Tozawa’s, and rips into an armbar. Akira counters with a back suplex, and both men are down. They have another sweet exchange that leads to another back suplex by Tozawa! Double Suicide Dive onto Neville! Back inside, Akira gets the cover! One, two, no! Fans are already standing for this. Neville misses a dropkick, and this leads to a front kick and a senton by Akira! Akira climbs up, but Neville forearms him in the face! Akira is stunned! Neville tries to wrap up the superplex, but Tozawa fights back with the crowd cheering him on! SUPERPLEX IS HIT!

Both men are down. Somehow, Akira continues to fight, hitting a forearm and a kick on Neville! This is followed up with a Frankensteiner and an Enziguiri! Akira jumps off the ropes but the refs get between both men! Neville uses this to hit a Single Arm DDT, followed by the Rings of Saturn! This is countered into a roll-up! One, two, no! Akira is knocked down, and Neville tries the Red Arrow! HE MISSES! Tozawa climbs up for the Senton. HE CONNECTS! One, two, three! NEW CHAMPION!

Winner: Akira Tozawa (***1/2, NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion)

The Titus Brand celebrates in the ring! I think Tozawa is crying! Awesome. After a break, the Cass/Show angle was recapped by the announcers. After this, Enzo and Show are backstage. Show’s hand is believed to be broken, but he simply does not give a shit. He’ll be there at SummerSlam. After this, Emma gets catty with Mickie James, and somehow a match is booked for later. Magic!

Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt

Balor catches some side kicks, followed by a chinlock. Wyatt is sent into the corner, but he leans back and looks right at Balor. Balor, for some reason, freezes upon seeing this. Wyatt takes control and beats down Balor. Finn fights up with forearms, and throws Bray outside the ring. Balor hits the diving dropkick, followed by the running front kick from the apron as we go to break.

After the break, Wyatt continues to hold Balor in a chinlock. Balor fights up and hits the elbows to Wyatt’s ribs. Wyatt hits an rib-breaker for two, and follows this up with a lariat for two. BOAH! I could feel that impact. Balor fights out of another chinlock, and catches Wyatt with the Overhead Kick. Both men are down. I’ll say this: There’s only been three matches so far, but they feel like PPV bouts. Balor fights out of the corner with forearms and dropkicks. Wyatt is chopped in the corner, and then Balor hits a running kick for one, two, no! Wyatt hits a flying splatterhouse for two! Uranage by Wyatt is countered into the Sling Blade by Balor. After another exchange, Wyatt slams Balor down and hits the standing senton for one, two, no!

Wyatt tries to hit Sister Abigail, but Balor counters into the double stomp! Wyatt rolls outside, where Balor hits him with a running front dropkick. Back inside, Balor climbs up for the Coup De Grace, but Wyatt counters by knocking him off the ropes! Wyatt literally pulls a prone Balor off the ropes and right into Sister Abigail! One, two, three!

Winner: Bray Wyatt (***)

Afterwards, Wyatt hits another Sister Abigail on Balor, and then the lights go out. When they come back up, Wyatt has a bucket in his hands as Finn is laid out in the corner. Wyatt proceeds to dump a bucket of fake blood onto Balor’s body! Balor writhes around and SELLS the blood! Just what in the feck is happening right now? I guess we’re celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Carrie or something.

Match #4 – Mickie James vs. Emma

They lock up and go into the corner. Emma gets the headlock, but Mickie hits her with a clothesline. Mickie hits a running clothesline, followed by a running kick to the face for two. Emma knocks Mickie off the ropes, and to the outside. Emma brings her back in for a nearfall. Emma puts Mickie in a Seated Full Nelson, and Mickie turns this into a roll-up for two. Emma clotheslines her down and gets another nearfall. They trade nearfalls as the crowd gets restless. Mickie hits a horrible back round leg kick at half speed for the one, two, three!

Winner: Mickie James (1/2*)

Match #5 – Jason Jordan vs. The Miz

The crowd gives Jordan a LOUD thumbs down. Wow. They need to turn this kid now. Jordan gets the sidestep and hits the front face drop on Miz. He rides Miz with the front face lock, and follows this up with a dropkick. Miz regroups outside with his crew. Back inside, Jordan slams Miz into the corner, and hits a running shoulder onto a prone Miz! The Miztourage interrupts for the DQ!

Winner by DQ: Jason Jordan (*)

Afterwards, the Hardy Boyz even the odds! They take out The Miztourage, and stand tall with Jason Jordan. That kid’s music sucks. He needs something new.

Match #6 – Six-Man Tag Team Match
Jason Jordan & The Hardy Boyz vs. The Miztourage

So I guess this is a six-man tag now! Vince must be thinking on the fly tonight. Jeff and Matt trade tags while they continue to work on Axel’s arm. Jordan gets the tag, and continues to work on the left arm. Axel fights out and kicks Jordan down in the corner. Jordan catches a dropkick and a deep armdrag. Dallas gets tagged in but he gets taken down in a Fireman’s Carry. Matt tags in and he works on Dallas’ arm! I guess working the arm is the soup du jour. Jeff tags in and they hit the Rolling Thunder on Dallas for two. Jordan tags in and hits another Fireman’s Carry for two. Miz gets the blind tag, but he gets into trouble with Jordan pretty quickly. Jordan whips him into the corner, but Axel pulls Miz out of harm’s way as we go to break.

After the break, Axel takes Jordan down but he misses an elbow from the middle rope. Jordan goes for the hot tag and gets Matt Hardy! Hardy gives Axel the tour of the turnbuckles! Running Bulldog by Matt! One, two, no! Matt Hardy with a reverse bulldog for the one, two, no! Matt is distracted, and Axel takes advantage with a clothesline to the back of the head. Miz tags in, and stomps down Matt. Dallas gets the tag, and continues the stomping. Bo tries a nearfall, but only gets two. Bo applies the chinlock, but Matt fights up. Dallas runs a knee right into Matt’s ribs, bringing him down. Axel gets the tag and applies a chinlock of his own. Matt fights up, but he gets run into the corner. Axel misses a charge to the corner, and Matt tries to make the hot tag! Miz interrupts! Matt catches him with a clothesline and tags in Jeff! Flying clothesline! Inverted Atomic Drop! Legdrop downstairs! Whisper in the Wind onto Dallas! One, two, no! Dallas with a slingshot suplex onto Jeff, but Jordan makes the save! Jordan suplexes Miz into Axel! Jeff hits the Twist of Fate, but Axel breaks it up! Jordan with consecutive belly-to-belly suplexes! Matt with the Twist of Fate on Dallas, followed by the Swanton Bomb by Jeff! One, two, three!

Winner: Jason Jordan & The Hardy Boyz (**1/2)

Raw GM Kurt Angle introduces the WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar! There is extra security outside the ring (to protect the integrity of next week’s main event, of course). Paul Heyman grabs the mic and declares that “all hell is going to break loose.” Heyman also says that WWE is conspiring to take the title off of Brock Lesnar because he is listening to offers from outside interests. Heyman thinks that this could lead to someone stealing the title like a thief in the night. The challengers make their entrance, one by one. Joe comes out first, followed by Strowman and Reigns. After his entrance, Reigns hits the Spear on Joe, and Braun hits the Powerslam on Reigns. This leaves Braun and Brock standing! Security comes in to break it up! They get pummeled by Strowman and Lesnar! The locker room breaks them up once more! They tear into each other as we go to credits!

Final Thoughts: There were some slow parts, but the matches were good and everything was built towards SummerSlam. I look forward to it! Who knows? Maybe we’ll have a picks contest! SEE YOU NEXT SUNDAY!

Magnum DAhttp://www.twitter.com/themagnumda
@TheMagnumDA writes the Raw & Smackdown Live TV reports, and he is also the PPV Pick'em reporter for Wrestling-Online. He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He enjoys traveling, reading, and playing PSN (ROCKofJERICHO).


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