WWE merchandise well represented by new NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers


NBA champion LeBron James hit the headlines again today and not for what he did yesterday to help the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA title…but for stepping off the plane sporting the Ultimate Warrior t-shirt.

James is a huge WWE fan and just before game 5 he sported a retro Undertaker t-shirt and even attended the press conference with it. Today, as soon as he stepped off the Delta plane, James lifted the NBA trophy wearing a $32 Warrior shirt which is produced by Homage.com. The images of James with the shirt were beamed on television all around the United Sates.

James is not the only WWE fan in the team though as for the post-game celebrations, the team posed with the Stone Cold Smoking Skull title along with Usher and Jamie Foxx. Cavs player Kevin Love then appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter sporting the Austin 3:16 classic t-shirt.

With so many WWE fans on its roster, Triple H sent the team a customized replica of the WWE World Heavyweight title with the Cleveland Cavs logo on the side plates.