WWE hits back at CM Punk and his back lump allegation


WWE has fired back at CM Punk and his allegations regarding the WWE medical staff in a post on the WWE.COM website.

WWE said that while Punk claimed to have a baseball-sized lump on his back near the waistband of his tights, WWE investigated the issue and came out with four answers:

“CM Punk did not discuss this alleged condition with WWE’s team of physicians and trainers, nor did he discuss it with anyone in our Talent Relations department; Subsequently, WWE has no medical records documenting this alleged condition; The first time WWE was made aware of this alleged condition was when we received a letter from CM Punk’s attorney on August 22, 2014, after WWE terminated his contract; There is clear video evidence from the 2014 Royal Rumble, which allows all to decide whether there is any appearance of a baseball-sized growth on CM Punk’s back.

For video evidence, WWE put up several videos in slow motion of Punk at the Royal Rumble showing him – and zooming in – on his back, clearing showing no lumps.

WWE said that it “continues to have the utmost confidence in the ability and expertise of our world-class team of physicians, including Dr. Amann.”

You can see the video here.