WWE guarantees one winner and one champion at the end of TLC


On Monday Night RAW yesterday WWE made it a point to say more than once that it’s a guarantee that there will be one winner and one champion at the TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view where the WWE and World championships will be up for grabs.

Several rumors online were suggesting that WWE will pull a quick switch and have Orton grab the World title while Cena grabs the WWE title at the same time, switching the championships and also leaving the possibility to unify the titles down the line at a major pay-per-view.

Just before the final segment of the show, WWE ran the results of a poll which asked fans what should WWE call the champion after the TLC pay-per-view, with “The Unified Champion” winning the poll with 38% of the votes. The other two options were “Undisputed WWE champion” and “Undisputed World champion,” with each getting 31% of the votes.

Stephanie McMahon called this particular match a “historic, once-in-a-lifetime matchup,” which is anything but since WWE unified both titles before with Chris Jericho declared as the first Undisputed champion.