WWE forcing talent to sign new deals which includes Twitch streaming obligations


In a post on Twitter, former U.S. Presidential candidate Andrew Yang, wrote that WWE talent has contacted him to tell him that they are being forced to sign new deals which include interaction with the Twitch streaming service.

“Streaming on Twitch will become a work obligation and if talent doesn’t stream they will forego earnings, be suspended or face penalties,” Yang wrote. “Doesn’t sound like independent contractors.”

Twitch was one of the system that WWE forced its Superstars to hand over and they would only be getting a percentage of their earnings, even if they use it under their real name.

A month ago, Yang fired warning shots at Vince McMahon and vowed that if the Democrats win the 2020 presidential election, he will make sure they look into WWE’s “corrupt labor practices” even if he’s not part of the Cabinet.

“If I’m not the Secretary of Labor I’m pretty confident I’ll have his or her number to talk about the ridiculous classification of WWE wrestlers as independent contractors while controlling their name and likeness for years, even for something as benign as Cameo,” Yang wrote on Twitter in early September. “Vince you’d better hope your old friend Donald wins because change is in the air and changes are long overdue where your corrupt labor practices are concerned. It would give me great pleasure. The people know,” he said.