WWE files lawsuit against 4 former Superstars including 2 Hall of Famers


WWE has filed a lawsuit in Connecticut earlier this week against Thomas Billington (The Dynamite Kid), Robert Windham (Blackjack Mulligan), James Ware (Koko B. Ware) and Oreal Perras (Ivan Koloff) after the company received letters from attorney Konstantine Kyros threatening that he will file lawsuits against WWE over old injuries.

WWE is trying to get a federal judge to block the lawsuits from these individuals who claim they have suffered long-term health problems from concussions they received in the ring. The company claims that the allegations are fraudulent and barred because of a three-year statute of limitations on such claims in Connecticut.

The same attorney is representing Billy Jack Haynes, Vito LoGrasso, Nelson Frazier Jr, and others who have filed identical lawsuits against WWE. Kyros started shopping for clients on the Internet last year through the website wweconcussionlawsuit.com.

“Our Law Firm wants to speak to former/retired WWF/WWE Wrestlers interested in joining the lawsuits being brought against the WWE for ignoring the health and safety of its athletes. We may be able to help you and your family recover medical expenses, obtain long term care and prevent this from happening to future athletes,” the website reads.

Interesting to note is that two of the names being sued – Windham and Ware – are WWE Hall of Famers.

WWE is obviously denying any wrongdoing and will be fighting any lawsuit of this nature.

You can read the full lawsuit in this PDF.