WWE fan proposes to girlfriend during Heyman promo on Raw!


A WWE fan proposed to his girlfriend while Paul Heyman was cutting a promo in the middle of the ring with Brock Lesnar by his side last night on Raw!

As the chants of “She said yes” filled up the arena, Heyman and Lesnar immediately realized what was going on, and even managed to smile at the bizarre situation. The master of the microphone then improvised and told the guy that she only said yes because she’s never been up close to a beast like Brock Lesnar, a comment which got a big pop from the Atlanta crowd and an even bigger smile from Lesnar who jumped up and down with the Universal title on his shoulder.

“Just so you know, interrupting my promo is like stepping in the ring with Brock Lesnar…you ain’t got a chance!” Heyman screamed.

You can watch the video below.