WWE ends Q2 2017 with 1,568,000 paying subscribers to the WWE Network


For the second quarter of 2017, WWE had a total of 1,633,000 subscribers to the WWE Network, out of which 1,568,000 were active paying subscriptions. That is down overall from Q1 2017, where the company had 1,697,000 subscribers and 1,570,000 paying subs.

Out of the 1,568,000 paying subscriptions, 1,158,000 were located in the United States and 410,000 were worldwide. Only 65,000 are on a free trial account. What’s interesting is that a total of 604,000 people canceled their subscription during the quarter. WWE got 598,000 new subs to counteract that massive churn.

During WrestleMania Week, WWE Network subscribers watched 22.5 million hours of content, averaging approximately 13 hours per subscriber.