WWE Divas react to Brooklyn crowd for crapping on their segment


The WWE fans in Brooklyn crapped all over the Divas segment last night, starting with The MizTV segment and then during the Team Bella vs Team PCB that followed.

The Divas had around a 20 minute segment in total including The MizTV portion but fans showed their lack of interest – and quite frankly, disrespect – in the match when they started chanting “We are awesome” and doing the wave as it was obvious the whole thing was bombing with the crowd.

Paige took it to Twitter to show her disappointment in the crowd. “You helped us create change and then you did your best do disrespect,” she wrote. “Niceeeee jobbbbbbbb!” She later deleted the actual tweet.

Becky Lynch was less pissed, writing, “I’ll love you and leave you. You were a beautiful boisterous bunch.”

The Bellas were not so nice in their comments, with Nikki writing on her Instagram, “WWE Brooklyn shame on you for disrespecting women that put their bodies on the line for your entertainment.” She then thanked the ones who support them and said they make it worth working hard.

Her sister Brie said that the Brooklyn crowd can kiss her ass and she was proud of Alicia Fox.