WWE defends itself against Linda McMahon’s Senate opponent


The Associated Press is carrying an article today about the WWE trying to distance itself from the Attitude Era videos floating around everywhere on the web and protecting Linda McMahon in her Senate election in the process.

“It’s being presented as today’s WWE,” said Brian Flinn, a WWE spokesman, “and it does not represent our PG-family-friendly entertainment of today.”

The Senate race is getting ugly as expected and AP notes that the Democrats have pumped $320,000 in ads into Chris Murphy’s campaign in hopes of blunting McMahon’s momentum, who currently leads in polls. Her opponents are also saying that WWE is trying to help Linda with her election.

“Chris Murphy’s implication or assertion that the WWE is coordinating with Linda McMahon’s U.S. Senate is untrue, to do so is unlawful,” the WWE said in a statement yesterday.

During the last election in 2010, WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon was furious at how the Democrats used old WWE footage to discredit his wife Linda in the campaign. In an interview with the AP, Vince McMahon said that these WWE detractors conveniently left out the “soap opera elements” that lead up to the controversial moments and failed to mention the evolution of WWE over the past years, most notably the drug testing and improving the health of its wrestlers.